Whiter shade of pale

I think I have modified the meaning of the phrase totally.. but what the heck.. am not grammatically wrong :D :D

I searched deep within
A whiter shade of pale
A husk of nothingness
In the arms of sweeping gale

Futile it seemed,
but how can one stop ?
With every passing wave
A world unfurls, agape

A crystal maze it is,
Twisted to its core
But there is logic in randomness
if you look onto your dreams

Different shades of colors
Wrapped in two-pore
An eyes that never blinks
And a heart that never sinks

They walk together forever
An inseperable pair as one can see
For when despair knocks your door
How far can hope be?

For even in the darkest night,
Hides, a whiter shade of pale
And when the storms pass by,
And darkness rescinds,
It lives to tell the tale 

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->V<- said...

loved the last two verses...too good :)

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

Twas lovely!

I was spell bound!