Mausoleum of living dead

Desecrated Ideals,
Floundering honor
Crumbling milestones

Down the path of life
Forever in strife
Each step,
this heart bled

Stumbling and fumbling
Confusion reigns high
numb to the very core

No one to trust,
As dreams turn to dust
Each step,
Taken in dread

Sunken eyes,
Drunken stupor
haunting smile

Long forgotten,
alive, yet internally rotten
Welcome to the damned,
This mausoleum of living dead

Somehow I seem to have lost the touch.. though I have written this.. I don't like it :( bah! May be I should not write for sometime..Frankly I chose the title then tried to write...

What I wanted to express was the listlessness that sometimes haunts us... its like u r living and yet u r dead... but ofcourse i failed to express and it became a saga of someone who has lost hope erm :(((

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->V<- said...

why does it sound so familiar ?!

Le sigh.

RiverSoul said...

Its not bad at all!!!
What makes yu think so??
Let me tell you, Winnie,
Its really good.
Loved the Pic.
Roman Catholic?
I usually take a Subject and then write on it.
Try that sometime!

Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

I think there's some good poetry in there and sometimes poetry works at different levels for different people.. This worked for me!

--xh-- said...

haunting lines.. :)

Anonymous said...

agreed with anoop...!!

Paul said...

wow...loved it....a real good one