150th Post yay!!

Lets Celebrate yay!! 150 posts!! My first post thats not about poetry!!

Revelry! Devilry!

Ah I have been awarded too oh yeah! The friend's forever award by Vinay :-)

And here are the rules for the Blogging Friends Forever Award:
1. The winner may put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you received the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

Ah and the  award is..... * nice music in the background*

The Blogger's Friends Forever Award


And now I nominate...............

Anoop Kumar is his name,
"xh" is his fame  *winks*
A biker to the core
And many other talents, hidden in the core 

Cooking and looking ?
Wining and dining
workoholic to the core
Romantic too.. can anyone ask for more? 

Finally gotchya buddy :P :P 

Neeraja Nagarajan,
Decided to have some fun,
She walked on the road
And promptly fell for a toad  * yay!! I got it funny*

A poetess par excellence,
A reveting story teller
Does look like a pillar,
A gigantic semblance 

I would have nominated Vinay but he already got this award.. thank you dear btw :D :D

Nancy Alexander,
Decided one day to wander
they searched for her high and low
Found her with goose and gander  * erm just a comical twist hope you dont mind*

Stories you tell sweet and tender
Sometimes of kids, sometimes of blender * poetic liberty:P *
And attempted seriousness
that leaves us with boistrous mess :D D:

Navin Dutta,
Lives on sutta
Writes poetries of deep thoughts
Sometimess, i wonder, if he really smoked pot  ** hey dear just a joke.. i dont know if u smoke at all :D :D**

Vishal Shakher
Longing for a pair,
Of clean socks
Decides finally, to pick some locks  *:P*

I wish sometimes you actually find time to read what I write about you bah!

Writer of irregular rhyme
You like to have your drink with a tinge of lime
If you dont find time
you might have to hide behind the thyme *whatever that means :P :P*

Okie people ensoi with me yay!! yippie yay!!

8 visitors stopped by.:

--xh-- said...

wow., thnk u thnk u :-D i will post it in my blog...
and man, u made lines abt me.. whew! that was so superb...

and grrr - i am NOT a workaholic...

RiverSoul said...

Congratulations on ur 150th post!!
Keep rocking girl!!

Anonymous said...

winnie dear...nice one...

150?? oh dear...was planning on catching upto u soon, but i guess thats next to impossible now...!!

oh and i have given u another two tags...!! its in my poems blog... :)

Reflections said...

U r the sweetest!!!!!
So surprised, overwhelmed, at loss for words....u took the trouble to make up a poem for me...
U R THE BEST!!!!!!!!
THANKS for the award too!!!!!!!!!

p.s - ermm...in my excitement forgot to congratulate u for ur 150th post;-P

Neeru said...

thanks for those lines! >:D< :* :) i ll get back at u for the line about the toad, though. :P

nickdigital said...

:D thank you for the funny poem M .. sadly i dont smoke at all :P but thank your for the effort, gesture and for counting me in ;) i really appreciate that !!

Now something for you sweetie :P with no homework et all .. bole toh one go ;)

Meena Iyer
Flies up higher
Never short of words
Writes on every topic like
Its one stone killing two birds

You can
Never ever imagine
How impeccable on dot
Especially how it turns to what
She is got the poetic license you see :P
Quick-witted, bright and too clever to be caught !!

->V<- said...

Oi!!! :D
Who knows more about me.. than you! :P

Poohi Iyer
flame of fire
drives her scooty
with a punctured tyre :D

writes love stories
of 70's tune
with a dose of romance
that shades Mills & Boon :P

Pensativo said...

funny pooh :D