You and me

Binded by ashes of time
Though apart.. together in this rhyme
As we go through the mime
Called life

You and me
Traversing the guilty roads of past
Bludgeoned by regret and memories
Why didnt it last ?

Here we are again, Wanderers in refuge
Vagrants of my dreams
Remembered in this verse
Please disperse!

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Santanu said...

Nice Poem as I told you earlier .... but isnt there a disturbance between you n me in the picture???

Winnie the poohi said...

You is not around at all.. "me" is remembering old times.. and wants the memory to disperse :)

Neeru said...

:) cool work... u've been doin a lot of thinkin, huh?

Hirak said...

Very poignant :)

->V<- said...

too good :)