Soar high. higher even more
The sky is urs to conquer
Do not look down
Look upon the stars

Its your day today
Time to prove your mettle
Wait not for anyone else
Am here looking out for you

The path is not smooth
Wind plays tricks with you
So does the burning sun
Do not rest your wings yet

Its just half way through
Nay, do not ever think of quitting
Its you who is leading
Am here to bask in glory
Of your first victory

Oh there you are so near to the finish line
Dancing all the way, reveling in your skills
Oh aren't you enjoying it now?
Oh why did you look down ?
And you come reeling ... Crashed!

Oh my baby, What did I do
Now You are so high.. higher than high
And I can never reach you even if i try
I wanted you to win the race
I wanted you to be an ace
But I never ever wanted you to die.....

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Santanu said...

wonderful thought meena. loosing ourselves in the race is the most sad truth in present.

Winnie the poohi said...

I saw this kite.. flying high in the sky.. dancing... suddenly someone cut it.. it came down... and in the end was trampled by the passers by....