No do not break those anklets
They are not shackles
They are your identity!
They are not holding you back
evil snake slithers in slowly!
Good comes with pomp and music
The harbinger of everything pure
It will lead you right.. for sure!

Please do not remove these blobs of tinkles
Each time it breaks it is rejoined
Like phoenix.. it rises again
From the dance of pleasure and pain
So are you redefined in every walk of life
Why this hesitation why this strife ?

These anklets are not just ornaments, dear
Its the symbol of femininity
Who but a ravaged lover knows
What the sound of anklets holds
Stopper of many a heart beat
Creating havoc with every step..
Singing languidly on your feet
These anklets are not mere adornment
It is you honey.. please don't leave it back

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Neeru said...

wow! ive never considered anklets important. cool, this is a new way of lookin at it! :)