my love

How do i love you, you ask
With a slathed gray smoke,
your eyes a mask
Your stance a rigid stone
All set to disown
My feelings my love
Like the eagle that dove
Towards earth,
My heart soared
Then crashed; Am hurt

What proof can i give
What words would you believe?
When you dont see the emotion in my eyes
The care in my sighs
How do I show you my allegiance ?
Does flame prove its brilliance?
Or moth its constance
Can we seperate flower from its fragrance
How can you be seperate from me
Without heart can body be?

How do i love you, you demand
If i tell you would you understand?
When you know the relation between
cloud and mountain
Waves and the land..
Its then you will start to comprehend
The depth of my affection
Till that day, I wait
And let silence take command

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Neeru said...

*whistles* deep, honey :)

Aman said...

Love as an expression synonymous with Brilliance of a flame and a fragrance of a flower. Something which is manifested impulsively, without any effort.

I also like the thought how every gesture manifests the love and devotion of the writer.

Love cannot be told, only manifested.

Fallen Angel said...

Marvelous, If silence could speak for itself, this would be the best it can!