Oh fog! My plea to you

Welcome me in ur bosom
I cant take it anymore
Swirling like a whirlwind
My life has gone sore

It is not that i didnt try
I am on all fours
Forgotten tears, eyes dry
Crumbled under the downpour

In search of Light,
In delight I went
Returned in blight
Now i am completely spent

Encompass me, soothe me!
In the darkness let me drown
Let me rest, recuperate
Give me the strength to abate

This dreariness clouds my senses
There will come yet another day
And I will fight my way through the pretenses
For now I allay my fears and mend the defenses

Cloak me in your hood for a while, Let me brood
Till hope in me is renewed
Veil me with your nebulous presence
Oh fog! I beseech you
With all my reverence

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Neeru said...

n hope will be renewed! :) good goin, meena... i like the way u rhyme!

Santanu said...

nicely named poem......your honewala hubby should cancel a date with you n read this poem :D

Winnie the poohi said...

@neeru danke schon!

@ santanu..

LOL! Cancel a date with me ? I would rather read him the poem that would be better dont u think ?