Disgruntled grumblings
Half baked ramblings
Peircing words
Creating discord
As anger recede,
tears come tumbling

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Neeru said...

it happened yday... :)

Aman said...

Tears are a natural way to vent out the emotions. Not sure if they are the best ones or not. You dont want to keep all that grime inside you. Suppressing your feelings becomes a habit and it'll drive you insane.

Eternal Optimista said...

Sometimes I start crying too, when I'm too angry and can't do anything about it. More than discord or anger, those tears are of helplessness & frustration.. Loved it. Short & powerful.

triyash said...

precisely expressed

Winnie the poohi said...

@ neeru >:D< >:D<

@ aman

Tears can be a weapon or it can be an outlet.. however.. not everyone has the luxury of tears :)

@souless curry

I knew you would feel a connection with this one.. I wasnt wrong :)


>:D< >:D<