Another long tiresome day
On the meandering way
twists n turns
As thoughts churns..

Another mournful night
juggling with memories, words trite
Empty coffee cups n cigarette butts strewn
As i hum an offbeat tune

Another colorless evening
strained falsified smile pasted, legs cranking
As i trudge slowly amidst jostling crowd
The sun to moon kowtowed

Slowly day passes by
As night sneaks in on the sly
With lengthening shadows
Comes the dead hands of past

Soon looms the phantom of morrow
As i deal with unknown sorrow
Seems to me things never divert
May be its me, immobile and inert

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Neeru said...

yup, thats the way useless days go. shucks, i hate life!

Aman said...

Nobody's inert or in state of rest. We are all moving. Travelling on our own different, unique roads which cross each other at set places.

We may feel immobile and stagnating but that is also a time when we're getting sick of or getting more used to the status quo.

Am I making any sense? :)