Whisper nothing i cant hear
Show me nothing i cant see
Leave me alone and i wont be
My existence tagged with you
And yours mingled with me
I exist in your thought
Without that I am naught

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Neeru said...

hmmm... :) ur works arent meaningless... they r jus compilations of ur scattered thoughts!

Aman said...

"Leave me alone and i wont be"

What's the meaning of this? Does it mean that you can never be alone as in you'll always be in his company or you dont feel lonely when you're alone?

Anonymous said...

I exist in your thought
Without that I am nought

These lines are so true, it is but in the memories of others that we truly exist.

Here I am inferring to the letter 'I' as not just a particular person or relation...but for that matter anyone who has remotely been touched by you in any way whatsoever!