Ah what else can I say.. finally I have reached 200 posts on this blog.. Its little hard to digest that 6 months before I celebrated 125 posts.. its an understatement to say that past 6 months have been the most productive! yes they have been :)

I am also humbled that this blog has 15 followers. Thank you so much guys!

Since past 2-3 months due to internet troubles.. shifting houses and loss of blog roll has made it impossible for me to visit many of you.. and yet you guys have been there for me.. commenting and encouraging me..

Thank you so!

It would have been apt that I write a poem celebrating this milestone.. and yet.. my muse seem to have decided to go on a vacation.. I guess she is a lot overworked offlate and deserves it.. lets just hope that she comes back...

In the meantime a meager offering....

Few words fused together
In an unknown meter,
Few thoughts sung,
In a wayward tune
Ah the song of my life
Of joys, love and strife

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