P.S: One of my friend on orkut write a poem using all the titles I have ever written on.. I couldn't help but post it here :)

In the Loneliness of winter, Echoes of silence around,
The Voices in My head, took me for a stroll with the past.
In the summer winds, did meet a Anonymous musician,
Chanced to read her blog song, penned in Love for the mighty sun.

A new dawn n unseen dreams, wanting to break free,
It wasn’t yet another ordinary day, a new day had come.
It had rained today, the after glow and the hues, called to kiss the clouds.
Along the afternoon sea, and the waves, I walked alone.

Time and Tide thou wait for none…
The change did bring the stormy weather,
And waters had weathered the summer’s charm.
My abode was an island of sorrow, Life…. Lost.

A vertigo heart and a Lonely tear in the contrived words,
Chained by my shadow I could feel a woman in me…
Yet again the anonymous Musician, now a Black Knight,
Yet again a poem, a fresh collage of dreams and hope.

Season is a master in disguise…it’s yet again a lonely night.
Winter! A flower had withered somewhere, Suicide….
Down by the river bend, a leaf had Dropped and died today,
Through the Lady in the green, am sending a postcard to the heaven,

Oh Fog! My Plea to you on this early winter morning,
If only I could go out, In search of an answer,
and the Lady lost in the rainy night, where are you?
It will rain today! Time for a Haiku at the least…

Come with a Candle thou on this windy and chill Evening,
To Keep you warm as thin Crest Pizzas at the Boca Grande awai

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