Persistent dreams interfere with callous reality.
Tumultous thoughts embroil in the inroads of my mind
Life, a will o' wisp!
The inroads of my mind embroil in tumultous thoughts.
Callous reality interfere with persistent dreams.

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Anonymous said...

i LOVED this... specially the first and last lines.. :)

Tumblewords: said...

Well done - I like the way you've incorporated the prompt words into this form -

ThomG said...

I really liked how you took the first line and recast its meaning in the last. Nice.

Winnie the poohi said...

Ah me liked the first line too pratsie :)

Tumblewords and ThomG Am humbled thank you :)

Anonymous said...

i loved it too! like prats!

Neeru said...

:D This one's cool.