I walk alone

On the darkest of darkest night
Scared moon refuses to shine
Every animal every bird bide their time
Waiting.. waiting for light

And I walk alone...

On the treacherous bends
Amidst the crowd, Beneath the shroud
Places where angels or demons
tremble to descend,
Till the world's end

I search for you...

Are you as frantic as me or as alone?
Cold, cold i am ; cold as stone
Wandering through timelessness
Seeking you
Can you hear my clarion call?
My wounded heart's squall !

I beseech you...

On this lonely wintery nox
Lost in inviting nebulous fog
Howling in pain
Going insane..
My red glittering eyes delirious
Crazed and enraged..

I walk alone...

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Neeru said...

its dark. :O even sounds ominous at places! deep... to deep for me to understand, but i guess, on the surface, i like it. :)

Pensativo said...

Meen..you should consider about writing lyrics now ;). Contact some big name in hollywood...

Great one.... Kudos to you :D

->V<- said...

strange but true... the best of poems come out in melancholy :)

solid one !

Winnie the poohi said...

Ah i dont think any of you did get what i wanted to write..

I wrote of a lone wolf... he is searching for his mate.. who proably is killed or dead.. he doesnt know and he searches for her..

Wolf are amazingly loyal animals.. they mate with only one she-wolf for life :)

I guess its hadr to guess only the last red glittering eyes suggests so..

Anonymous said...

whoa... reminded me of boulevard of broken dreams by green day...!!

but urs is unique of courese!!

--xh-- said...

wow, u wrote something about me? me likes it...
-the lone wolf.