I wanna break free

anguished expressions
shattered illusions

I wanna break free

Broken dreams
moody extremes

I wanna break free

tormented feelings
regimented thoughts

I wanna break free

soffocated fettered
words unuttered

I wanna break free

unfinshed unresolved
supressed before evolved

I wanna break free

uninhibited unshackled
Everyone I would rackle
Each danger I would tackle

I will break free

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Neeru said...

COOL! the positive note i very much adore in all ur works is here too! loved the first two stanzas! u r cool! :)

->V<- said...

.. the touch of resoluteness is quite inspiring !! ..nicely put :)

Anonymous said...

reminds me of a song... not sure which...

but of coures, inspiration can come from anywhere...!!