Master of disguise

Mask over a mask, yet another mask
Where in it are you I ask
In corridors of silence
In vales of darkness
Within my heart
Concealment is an art
Your reply, Complete ambivalence

Blinded by your inbuilt rigid walls
My every attempt stalls
To know you better
I end up with a shutter!
Why oh why
why so many insistent lies?
Pretention thousands you devise!

Yes i have many a masquerades
I do not call spade a spade
Webs of words I create
In many ways I evade!
but for worlds I wouldnt trade
This life I self made

Survival is the name of the game
Tell me who is to blame?
Its nature that taught me to hide
And the world to be jekyll and hyde!
And now that I am worldly wise
I get a sobriquet of master of disguise ?!!!

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Neeru said...

wat do i say? didnt expect this outcome, that's for sure! :) lovely!

->V<- said...

...what the superlative form of excellent ? :P temme...I wanna post it here :)

Winnie the poohi said...


Anonymous said...

wow, even i wanna know that answer...
what is the superlative of excellent?? ;)

its awesome...!! :)

Unspoken said...

Yes indeed!

Your poem says everything that I wish to say as prose through the Mask Diaries. Very well done, makes me doubly pleased for its a subject thats so close to my own heart!