PS: I am not ashamed of the fact that this poem is completely influenced by the eagles song " Desperaado" [:D]

Oh Desperado
How long will you run
From reality for fun?
Quit.. Quit this bravado

Oh desperado
Back there you have left
A wee girl so bereft.
How can you be incommunicando?

Its time to face.
Life is not race
Think of that lace
Go back .. go back to that place.

Fighting demons
Of your past.
Do not lose...
Love that will last
Forget.. forget the el durado
Oh desperado...

Quit quit this bravado..
Forget the el durado!!

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Neeru said...

*whistles* lovely poem, hon! :) more like a wistful song... :) wish i could set it to music.

->V<- said...

hmmm.... way deep !! touche ! :)

Le Sigh

Anonymous said...

The Eagles should visit your blog...
they'd never leave it...!!