Echoes of silence

A silent scream
A bad dream..

Wake me up
Some one dare
Spare me.. spare!

Everytime i remember
that touch that smell
The day i experienced hell

my cross to bear
All my life
My death knell

My tortured sigh
someone hear in silence
my helplessness

As i laid that night
Silence echoes my fight
my plight!

Silence echoes
Scot free, he walks away
echoes till this day

Silence echoes
My lost innocence
At nights in dreams ..

Night, witness to my pain
Driving me insane
within my heart...

Silence echoes,
My silent scream
my broken dreams..

Silence echoes....

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Neeru said...

>:D< wonderful...

->V<- said...

..and someone was so anti sad-poems :) ... bolo bolo ... tell tell ?

good work though :)

ishaan said...

so morose...

Anonymous said...

sad...emotions abound...
liked the end...

"silence echoes,
my silent scream
my broken dreams"

u r mistress of poetry winnie!! :)

RiverSoul said...

Beautifully written, winnie.
You sure are the mistress of poetry.