Smoldering fire,
simmering desire
Hidden embers
glinting like saphire

Your eyes, an eloquent symphony
Desire and love
Dancing in harmony
Seeking and carassing

Candle lit dinner
Tremulous shimmer
Innocuous innane chatter
Unrestrained laughter

Bubbling emotions
Drowned in wine
Lips to lips
Your hands in mine

Slowly we come closer
Exploring each other
A little more further
I can feel you shudder

Clothes shed unbeknownst
Passions reign,
Reasons cease,
Entwined and lost

Mingling sighs,
jostling thighs
Soaring high
Rising in cresendo

Ripples of pleasure
Ripples of emotions
Ripples in ocean of love

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->V<- said...

..awrrriite :D
more than reading..this one can be felt acutally ;)

..perfect for winters :P

Neeru said...

WHOA... the whole environment gets all hot n sticky when im readin this poem :P i wonder y... ;)

Anonymous said...

fiery... thats what comes to mind winnie...!! :)