Insanely love

"Dont come near me
Can't u see?
you will burn
Shun me shun!"

Flame said.

" embrace me hon
Feel the need
Gimme the fatal kiss..
Feel the bliss"

Said the moth.

"Insanely love you've got
i cant do it i love u a lot
How can i think of the effect
When nothing of you will be left"

Flame wailed.

"Nah dear dont b sad
There r many more "moths" to be had
I wont disappear but in you
This is my love.. this is my due"

Moth persisted.

"If that is your wish, come on be with me
Let my fate
Be to wait.. to b lonely
You will get your glory..
coz you see
With you.. in love I happen to be.."

Flame said with arms wide open.

Insanely love..
Or limitless love.
I do not know
All I see is a writing moth
In arms of flame caught.

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Neeru said...

WHOA. nice imagery, darling. :) n u said u arent in a mood to write, lol..
i like it!

Anonymous said...

u r the romantic writer when u r in mood aren't u...

oh man, i seem to have missed good poems when i was away from blogger...

glad i seein it now...!!


romantically nice!!!..impressed by the concept in totality...