Stormy weather!

trees swaying
dancing in fury
Hand of god visible truly..
swishing wind scaring.. all who have sinned
The church bells go crazy
The vision goes hazy
With our eyes skinned
We look at thee
Oh lord in your glory
Forgive our follies
The birds in tandem
Raise their voices.
Accompaniment to the storm
Various noises
The wind changes direction
calm... time for regeneration
The rains stop
Silence pin drop
Then the clamor rise again
The fear was all in vain
As the new shoot rises..
The world rejoices...

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Anonymous said...

*whistles* this is awesome! nice way to describe stormy weather!
i can NEVER outdo this!


walker walkin alone said...


Just one word

Anonymous said...

walker walkin alone is right...
that word is well enough...!!