All the way!

Walk on honey

Take that one step more

Do not quit now

Move for the one you adore

I wait

Since eternity

For you

Oh mon diu!

Do not be scared

Do not walk away

For your love.. you dream

Walk all the way

Over come

all the dangers

Stretch yourself to zenith

Walk wid strangers

Come to me honey

To the lands so sunny

I am waiting

Come all the way

Come and take me

In your arms

all my charms

Are for you.. come n see

Come my love

My darling

Be daring!

Come all the way!

All the way..

Come come and say

I love you

But first come..

before i die

Come all the way

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Neeru said...

ahem... mr A is becomin a very lucky man these days, isnt he? :P ;)

Winnie the poohi said...

Mr A is old story hon!

->V<- said...

...who is/was this Mr. A ? *turns a lil greener* :P :D

ishaan said... this shows how caring u are and btw whos Mr.A ?? *turns red with envy* :P lolzz...

Anonymous said...

loved the start, and the middle and the end...!! :)