strong winds blows
memories n dreams juxtapose
Why arent you here
I miss you so much dear

As I sat writing you a letter
the pages went helter-skelter
and you appear just out of dreams
Beautiful again, the world seems

Oh what a wonderful surprise
Are you real
My imagination I surmise
my effervesant scream

Not a single word you utter
Encompass me in your embrace
and slowly tilt my face
Me, waiting for a kiss, feelings aflutter

Never knew love can be fatal
Lovers embrace so lethal
sacrificed on atlar of greed
By my lover
A nice surprise indeed!

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Neeru said...

ahem... such endings disturb me, but i wont say i dont like it. :)i like the way u rhyme.

Anonymous said...

even i like the way u rhyme winnie...