P.S : I know this theme is just too traditional.. and yet I find it quaintly romantic...

Attuned to the nightly croon
Witnessed by the luminous moon
Feelings beserk , thoughts unsaid
Trustingly with you I tread
Amidst nudges and knowing glances
Accompanied by frenzied dances
Bedecked with jewels, clothes so fine
Shyness, Heady like a wine
Forgotten past beholden future
My beauty my charm.. my coaxing allure
For you,
On the virgin bed
With bowed head
In all my splendor
In your arms, I surrender

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->V<- said...

Heyyy... that's sensuously romantic !! ...traditional is evergreen :)

Neeru said...

:) oddly touchin. >:D< lovely poem di..

Anonymous said...

wow romantic...!! seems sorta familiar... donno y...