Broken dreams

Innocent wee little gal
Playing with her pal
With bucket and scoop
And shoulders adroop

Oblivious to sun
Having lotsa fun
Complete with the tassle
Voila.. a sand castle

Soon the tide rises
We have no surprises
Poof goes the sand
Labor of little hands

Broken hearts,
broken dreams
Whom to blame
whose is this scheme?

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->V<- said...

castles of sand
are made to be broken
but words that're spoken
remain forever
like a childhood friend !


Neeru said...


Patchez said...

*hugs hugs* :D

well i feel my blog is nothing once i come here to "unravel" yours! :O u work a dizzying magic with your words!!

So i'd leave it at "I love your blog"
Tak Care!

Anonymous said...

this really did require a pic....!! its soooooo awesome...