If only

PS: This is written for a friend kirtan.. but I liked it so posted it here!!

Behold her!
Venus on earth...

Wildness of the sea,
Flower of desert!


Is it sway of her hips?
Definitely, curve of her lips

Has me beguiled

That alabaster brow,
Radiance aglow,

Sculpted to perfection...

Curl of her lashes,
Paradise, in flashes

Oh why oh why!
She disappeared....

did she hear my heart beat?
Crying out loud!

Who is she?
This goddess,
Certainly a fairy..

No! A witch!
My heart, her slave

Is she for real?

Alas! just an illusion

If only,

I could find her
My life would be complete
Finally content

If only....

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Neeraja said...


jus one word, babe.