Come with me dear,
have no fear!
I will take you to places,
with wide open spaces

wild n exciting, the eternal dance
round and round,
to see the world all around!
Come on darl take a chance....

the wind beseeched

tempted the leaf, leaves the tree
Lost in the dancing spree,
It touches the sky,
Flying high,

Sun showers his glory on it,
while the birds sing farewell
Oh! the leaf never knew,
it has but, moments few

happy for time, brief...

Twirling and swirling,
soon it lands,on the ground
And the rakish wind?
alas, cannot be found

Ah what a leech!

For greener pastures,
and younger allure,
abandoned, left astray
the leaf gently, drifts away

drowned, in grief

autumn leaves in life,
abandoned with promises,
lost, in an abyss
Like forgotten kisses...

in sands of time

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Anonymous said...

hey winnie...so so brilliant... all the beauty of autumn said from the leaf's point of view... well done... especially liked the ending and the way you have used the bold so alternating fashion... :)

Winnie the poohi said...

:) thank you dear

Neeraja said...

lotsa similarities between the flower n this one... n quite profound, as always. :)

Quaintzy Patchez said...

my heart bled :( to see that!! :(