But.. not for me!!!

A wee little girl of three
Went shopping with her mummy.
Oh dear what a crowd!
All engrossed in shopping spree
got lost, she did, oh poor baby!
"Mummy Mummy!" she cried aloud

Scared she was and utterly alone
A lady saw her and came to help
Few others join and they decide
We'll find the mother of this whelp
Until then we will be by her side
As tears in her eyes, shone

They all searched helter and skelter,
Investigated every darkened nook,
Still her mom was hard to find
Everyone was out of their mind
Wondering who will give this kid a shelter
knowing not where to look

One of them had a brilliant thought
I know how to bring her mother like a moth
We can give her to the cop, he suggested
After all he can be trusted
He would know what to do
Its time to go guys, you know its true

Many of them wanted to concur
And some to differ
To them it didnt occur
They are making the kid suffer,
Due to exertion, wearied
Listlessly they queried

Tell us oh sweet dear,
how do we identify your mother
give us some description
Some mark of recognition rather
Is there something you can say?
something that would show us the way!

Suddenly happy the girl replied
The most beautiful woman of earth
is my darling mother,
Why do you find it hard to find her?
when there can be no such other!
at them saying this,hopefully she eyed

Some one suggested the mike
Announcement for a lost tyke
women who think they are beautiful
Please do come by the pool
Waiting for someone to respond
The gathered by the pond

So many beautiful women came
But none of them was that elusive dame
Is there no one who could claim
to know this baby?
The elderly man entreated
As the crowd yet again retreated

Tiredly on the bench they all slumped
When a woman tentatively approached
nonedescript feature, broad nose, she was fat
In an instant the child was in her arms
covered with kisses and all smiles
Mother and child, thanked one and all,
Without any guile

However, for one question we all do hanker
Please consider this without any rancor,
Said an inconsiderate youth,
Pardon me we dont mean to be rude
Forgive us, but you are ugly
The child replied with innocent smile
But not for me,
She repeated with a twinkle in her eye
But not for me

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Neeraja said...

:) adorable...

manisha said...

at first wen i saw this, i was about to leave cos d poem was too big..

bt then i read it..n it was worth reading..u knw..

i actually loved each n evry paragraph of urs..

musical rhymes..

n a kind of ballad it sounds...wich touched my heart (m nt writing dis for d sake of it, but actually)

cliche it may sound...dis s d most beautiful poem i hve read on ne blog:)