I never could just say...

I could never just say,
That I love you
Words just won't come,
But I was always there
When you felt lonesome
I blew away your blues

When things went wrong,
When you needed someone strong
By your side, I stayed all along
Through all seasons,
And for no reason...
In doldrums of despair
I whispered, I will always care

The days.. slowly passed away
Lights, senses, colors in disarray
As my feet squished the clay,
Down by the brook,where we met,
Watched together in silence- the sunset
But I could never just say

Birds have now flown away
leaves have fallen
Long days paved way
For the endless nights
And the northern lights,
have lit the skies
And you no longer in sight

For you have left long time back
Not heeding to the words I lacked
I said it through my sighs
I implored with my eyes
As the clouds turned grey
And yet I could never just say

After so long you called today,
You had something to share
Unwarranted hope lustily arise
And thousand death in a moment, it dies
Unbidden unshed tears, in my eyes rife
For there was someone in you life
The marriage is in coming may

I swallowed all my unsaid words,
And pasted the ever present fake smile
And said, " best wishes for walking down the aisle"
As my heart broke in countless shreds,
Like pearls escape from the binding thread
I didn't say it, My only rue
Till my last breath, will still love you

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Neeraja said...

quite touchin, sweetheart. story of my life :/ quite beautiful. >:D< :*