Vampire love

Ah the nightangle croons,
Haunting tunes.
Dark clouds shroud the moon

The breeze whisper,
Sweet nothings,
Baiting me,

I hunger for your touch.....

Desire rises its head,
Like a snake, sneaks
And I meek

Its you I seek.....

The ivory sheen,
The lilting melody
And your crimson gleam

I quiver

Take me unto yourself,
Drink my life juices
Inculcate me

In you....

You eyes seduces,
I am pliant, all ready
Come take me,

Taste the ecstasy..

Let me fly,
While you enjoy
My blood

Indulge in me ...

Can you hear my heart thud?
For you, it beats,
In my death.. Lets rejoice

In this dark desire..

Oneness of love,
Dance of eternity,


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Neeraja said...

ahem... eerie, spooky, scary! :P

Quaintzy Patchez said...

ahaan.. since when Meenie? :P

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