A melange of dreams,
illusion of stream,
In quenching thirst....

Soothing breeze in scorching heat
A ray of hope in defeat
Still a mirage!

That muted heart beat,
That gaze, the pause-
before the lips meet

Is bliss!


A squeeze of hand,
Wishes grand,
Sharpened senses,

Fluttering heart,
Rambling thought,
Worried me!

Clock ticking,
Days passes by,
And night spent in longing

Oh such an agony!

Wait.. interminable wait,
My fate!

Seems like it would never end
Like a gentle rain,

Soothes me,
Fires my dream
gives hope,
Lights my darkness,

Anticipation-A bitter sweet emotion!

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Neeraja said...

anticipation... hmmm, i agree, throughout! :)