The thing called love...

Damn you! you confuse me so!
Little careless gestures that you do,

Makes my heart glow
You have no idea, no clue!

Every word that you say,
Dissected for hidden meanings

And in memory is tucked away
To recall, again and again, before sleeping

I know this is fruitless,
Just a futile exercise
Someone tell my crazy heart

To let go, and to thwart

Those stupid hopeless dreams
Coz things are not as they seem
You are not mine and never will be
What my mind can, why can't heart see?

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Don Iannone said...

This is really a lovely poem. Nice design to your blog as well. Thanks for stopping by Poetic Alchemist.

Neeraja said...

Rhymes beautifully, di. I relate to these words. >:D< :* Loved it!

WarmSunshine said...

wonderful work... i can relate to it so much... good work :)