Love of mighty sun

The brightest shade of yellow they are
I see them from afar,
Lest I mar their beauty,

Such Is our love,

I burn till eternity
While they live in gaiety
I Alit, they aglow,
I,alone above!

Sway with the breeze
dance with the bees
Smiling with ease

Unaware, innocent..they tease

Silent witness,
That I am,
The wise one,
I wait, I know

Enfettered by time,
They will die,
In dust they will lie

Away from my realm

As I go down the horizon

I mourn

They await me,
Dream about in sleep
With the first glance

They leap.....

Follow my trail
All through the day
Wait for my touch

The ebon sky that lit,
In thousand shades,
has long faded

As the amber gold,
soon turns back
into inky blue

It is you I wanna hold
Alas,My midas touch
Keeps me away

Cursed, I burn,
The ever so might sun,
Oh my dear flower,
Yours forever

I burn,
Die thousand deaths
For you I await

The oasis of dawn
I wait,
For glimpse of happiness
That kowtows to gloom
As I, to moon

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Aki..... said...

Never knew "THE SUN KING" could feel this way too... :-)

Neeraja said...

WOW... :) So even HE's insecure? :D >:D< Lovely piece of work, hon.

Winnie the poohi said...

he he he.. i hope he doesnt.. its such a sad life to live!