My dream?

Empty nights and listless days,
A journey of open eyes,
Where does the blame lie?
Will they ever go away?

As sun peeps, from behind the hills,
And birds sing farewell,to the beloved moon
And welcome the crimson dawn,
I stifle the budding yawn,
Its about time, I pop some pills,

For the dream goddess won't come,
Unless invited,
Under effect of the drug,
My favorite bunny I hug,

Asleep finally, All set to visit
Myriad different places,
That my mind traces,
On the canvas of induced sleep

I visited some hidden lands,
Untouched unexplored,
Where the flowers bloom
In colors galore

I swam with the swan,
The deers I out ran,
Within a short span,
A new journey I began

Caravan of tears,
Intense and dark,
I faced my fears,
Naked and Stark.

As if on wings,
I suddenly flew,
With the sun,
In the sky so blue

Tittered with the birds,
Sashayed with the cloud,
Danced with the recalcitrant wind
Sang songs with lyrics, absurd

Like the twigs and the leaves
I drifted,
delighting in every view,
Each of a different hue,
Was I really gifted?

Thats when I felt someone push
Down I went, in the bottomless pit
Awake, I threw a fit!
"Why can't you hush?"

Alas, the alarm can't hear
As I press the button,
The variegated image faded,
And I am awake, Jaded...

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Neeraja said...

story of all my mornings!!! :))

!nversed Poignancy! said...

hehe..Cool twist..:)
Nicely wrapped with jov and suspense..hehe..!

Could actually meet with it.:))

Winnie the poohi said...


Thank you Bharat and neer *sigh*