Collage of dreams

Mixed the clay
With sprinkle of water
Kneaded with dreams
molded with my thoughts
a shape began to form
I could see it happen

Filled it with color
stolen from the rainbow
A motley of feelings
condensed with,
amber of the sun

A veneer of glaze
To make you shine
oh delicate beauty
Adorned and intricate

Wherever you are
Oh beautiful part of mine
Make someone smile
Atleast for a while

I kept coming back to you
Couldn't keep away
Oh how I wish you could stay
Not to be sold for dollars few

Alas, it is not to be
you are meant to share
And glitter in limelight
not tucked away, out of sight

How did the sweet cat know
the inner thoughts of mine
off to the ground you go
Marked by the hands of feline

Little shards of dreams
A shadow of what you were,
Ah the beauty never fades
Pieced it together,
A collage I made,
To be near me forever

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Neeraja said...

wats with u, broken dreams, numbness, sadness n disappointment?! :O but this poem is a real beauty.

Winnie the poohi said...

erm :)