My Reflection

I look within
Something elusive

I disengage the knots
slowly with care,
Afraid to break,
This thread of love

Full of feelings,
Thoughts that,
Ripple through my consciousness

Of myriad hues
A complex labyrinth

Delving deep enough,
I find you,
sweet little girl
Like the sun,
Brightening my world

Search me, you say
Mutely I comply,
Through the twisted bends
In an unexplored corner,
I find me

My search ends,
My doubts,
my fears rescind

With a smile,
I engulf you,
As you slowly disappear,
In me.

The best part of me,
My reflection

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scorpiogirl said...

bumped into your some of ur posts...the poems are very beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog,
Keep Going...
I like to see my comment here..

Alok said...

Wonderful !! as usual you are the best :)

BTW, the new blog template looks awesome :)

You have a great weekend ahead and keep rocking.

triyash said...

the link u gave was incomplete....i cudnt fynd kiss....but it rained today was reflection...was wonderful!!!!

Neeraja said...

:) Lovely. Oddly touching at places. No proof-reading required, hon. :P :)

youandmore said...

Lovely write!!
Beautiful blog!!

Rukhiya said...

This is sweeter than mine, innocent too :)