Rain, welcome

Darkened clouds humid air,
Thunder and lightning a distinct fanfare
horns blare.. riders glare
Do not despair
Just hang in there

As Traffic freeze..
And people sneeze
As drops falls down,
seemingly with ease

Lush and green ..just pristine
world has taken a new sheen
As pretty maidens dance and preen
Love has slipped in unseen

Welcome dear monsoon,
Welcome oh Lady june
Drench me and drown my fears
Fill my heart and wipe my tears

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Voice said...


look like a kid wrote this poem ... that why it was comprehensible to me :)

Patchez said...

im waiting 4 rains!! :D

msr said...

good one!

Neeraja said...

whoa whoa... quite like a lyric. try settin a tune to it? :)